Eliminating the chaos

I do mirror my zodiac sign, I’m GREAT at starting and executing projects, but they do fizzle out when I get bored or can’t be asked.

I want to break that habit and vicious cycle, it’s time to consolidate things.

I got an email from medium that there is a change in policy with their partnership program, you’re going to need over 100 followers in order to stay.

I will get 100 followers, eventually, but as of now, that isn’t my priority. I’m not depending on medium for a passive income, it would be nice but it will come. I leave it to the universe, I will put in the work, the universe will give me my return on investment.

I don’t like sharing content all in one place either, like copying stuff I write on eToro and putting it on Medium, or vice versa.

So if you’re a fan of my writing, I’m dividing it into three parts.

My investments in my eToro portfolio (including cryptocurrency) will be on my eToro page.

My blockchain, crypto, defi and nft investments (basically projects that are not on eToro) will be on my website.

My medium will be a combination of observations, storytime, thoughts, poetry. Everything you wouldn’t see on my eToro or website.

That’s a nice and tangible balance for me to juggle. All of them have a purpose and an important touchpoint in my life, with a connection with all of you.

I have been putting “no” to practice, as well as starting to become more assertive. For me, it’s overcoming a traumatic experience when a teacher locked me in the closet.

From there, anyone who had her sort of personality, I would calm up, I would be scared. This includes colleagues and former managers.

The penny dropped, I’ve been going for sessions to help me overcome it. And it’s worked, instead of going once a week now, I’m going once every other month. It’s EEG Neurofeedback, no drugs. Read more about it, it’s really fascinating, I will be blogging about that later.

I’m looking forward to continuing this journey with all of you, whether you genuinely like my writing or are interested in learning more about DeFi.

My personal social media pages, I’m keeping private, I think we all deserve a bit of privacy in this oversharing world. I will still accept people if I know them, or know of them.

I’ve always been the type to post about EVERYTHING, but since the pandemic, I’ve just been trying to re-organize my online life and give my platforms some genuine purpose and realistic expectations.

I will also be transparent with all of you too if I need a break or take some time off. I tend to sometimes wonder where my favourite bloggers go when they stop writing for awhile, and it’s still ok if they don’t want to give their audiences a heads up, that’s their choice.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this blog.



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A child of the Web 1.0 generation, who grew up in Web 2.0 now trying to find my place in Web3. I blog about random things and celebrate people in my life.