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I’m donating 2 hours of my time per week to my community, but it also goes beyond crypto and blockchain. Book here.

I tested this out with my friend Simon who we’ve been wanting to connect with and talk about strategies pertaining to some of his goals.

It worked out well.

To me, it’s just a great way to connect with people, if we can focus on one positive thing from the pandemic, it’s how to operate in a globalised manner, as it should be.

No need to dress to impress, just come as you are, with your favourite cuppa tea, coffee, heck even wine! (I may join you LOL)

This is free because I believe the crypto community is a very generous community and it’s very important to #paythewayforward.

My approach to crypto is very holistic, no fud, no shills, no crypto bro buzzwords. I like applying real-world adoption to make it easier for folks who have little to no crypto knowledge.

  • Tutorials on etoro, going over what has worked for me (long term investing) my strategy might not be appropriate for day traders, but it’s a great platform to use. But just a professional disclaimer I’m not a financial advisor and would highly recommend to do your homework.

I’m looking forward to networking with you all.

Let me know if you have any questions.



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A child of the Web 1.0 generation, who grew up in Web 2.0 now trying to find my place in Web3. I blog about random things and celebrate people in my life.